AIDS The Challenge For South Africa

Alan Whiteside & Clem Sunter

AIDS The Challenge for South Africa

Cover of AIDS The Challenge for South Africa

AIDS The Challenge for South Africa is an accessible book which discusses the possible origins of HIV/AIDS, but more importantly it serves to highlight the options we have in combating the spread of this epidemic.

Whiteside and Sunter propose an approach to overcome the epidemic before it is too late.

A comprehensive view of the current HIV/AIDS situation in the world and Africa is also included. In addition to this is specific reference to South Africa and the possible demographic, economic and social consequences for our society over the next two decades if nothing is done to halt the onslaught of this epidemic.

The message of the book is that we can beat HIV/AIDS, but we must all, in our own way, take appropriate action now!
The book was launched in June 2000 and the entire 12 000 first print run was sold out by November 2000, it has since been re-printed.

This book can be obtained from any good bookstore, or alternatively contact the publishers: