A Response to ‘Experts want African aid funds channelled away from HIV’

I was quoted in a recent article which appeared in the Observer and published on guardian.co.uk However, the news article bears little resemblance to the headline, which I find sensational and does not reflect my views as I emphasised that AIDS spending is crucial “for those already on or requiring treatment”.

Click here to read the news story and here for my official response.

AIDS, Security And Conflict Initiative

Alan Whiteside, will be a discussant at the HIV/AIDS Security and Conflict Initiative: A Briefing and Discussion, to be held 21 September, 2009 at the Hague.

The event marks the release of the new report, “HIV/AIDS, Security and Conflict: New Realities, New Responses.” The results of 29 global research studies on HIV/AIDS and fragile states, uniformed services, humanitarian crises and post-conflict transitions will be presented and discussed.

When: September 21, 2009, 11:30 – 16:00
Where: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, The Hague De Oude Perszaal 00C 33
Presenters and Discussants: Alex De Waal, Georg Frerks, Charlotte Watts, Manuel Carballo, Anyieth D’Awol, and Pamela De Largy
Contact: Georg Frerks, + 31 (0) 30 253 6549, g.frerks@uu.nl